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Details Fashion-Marketing-Fashion-Merchandising-Promotion-Plan

Fashion Marketing Fashion Marketing covers the marketing curriculum using the fashion industry as the learning vehicle. Discussing topics such as fashion cycle, fashion economics, promoting a fashion image, and technology in fashion marketing, this ...

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Details Fashion-Entrepreneur-2edStarting-Your-Own-Fashion-Business-Fashion-Design-Band-4

Fashion Entrepreneur Fashion Entrepreneur Starting Your Own Fashion Business, second edition, is essential reading for those planning to set up and run a successful business within the fashion and creative industries. The theory is presented as a step ...

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Details Fashion-Modeling-Being-Beautiful-Selling-Clothes-The-World-of-Fashion

Fashion Modeling Take a behind-the-scenes look at the glamorous world of fashion. From fashion design to modeling, from trends to fashion jobs, these books have it covered. Full description

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Details The-Fashion-Fairies-4-Alexa-the-Fashion-Reporter-Fairy-A-Rainbow-Magic-Book-Rainbow-Magic-the-Fashion-Fairies-Band-4

Fashion AND fairies? An unbeatable combination! The Fashion Fairies use their magic accessories to make sure that fashion everywhere is fun and fresh. But when jealous Jack Frost steals their magic away, it could lead to a fashion flop! Luckily ...

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Details Basics-Fashion-Management-02-Fashion-Promotion-Building-a-Brand-Through-Marketing-and-Communication-Basics-The-Fashion-Management-Band-2

Basics Fashion Management 02: Fashion Promotion Provides visual arts students with a theoretical and practical exploration of each of the fundamental topics within the discipline of Fashion Management. This title addresses the ways in which brands ...

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Details Fashion-Zeitgeist-Trends-and-Cycles-in-the-Fashion-System

Fashion Zeitgeist This volume shows how beauty, gender, sexuality, commerce and dandyism have persisted in defining the fashion system. Full description

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Details Fashion-Design-Understanding-Fashion

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Details Fashion-and-the-Consumer-Understanding-Fashion

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Details Dear-Fashion-Diary-Discover-Your-Taste-Become-Your-Own-Fashion-Guru

Dear Fashion Diary is an illustrated diary full of fashion assignments for young fashionistas to explore their taste and style and trust their deepest fashion longings to. It is a highly creative activity book letting you collect your favourite ...

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Details Islamic-Fashion-and-Anti-Fashion-New-Perspectives-from-Europe-and-North-America

Islamic Fashion and Anti-Fashion is the first comparative study of this highly topical issue and brings together cutting-edge contributions from leading scholars.

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Details Naked-Fashion-The-New-Sustainable-Fashion-Revolution

Anyone with an active interest in fashion and where our clothes come from or looking for a career in fashion and the media will find inspiration and advice on how to make a difference. Designers and creatives from all over the world, including ...

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Details Moroccan-Fashion-Design-Culture-and-Tradition-Dress-and-Fashion-Research

Moroccan garment design and consumption have experienced major shifts in recent history, transforming from a traditional craft-based enterprise to a thriving fashion industry. Influenced by western fashion, dress has become commoditized and has ...

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Details Fashion-Production-Terms-Language-of-Fashion-Series

Defines and illustrates terminology connected with fabrics, threads, stitches, seams, garment construction, sewing machines, and pressing

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Details Beluga-Spielwaren-33316-Fashion-Time-Spielzeug-Nhset-Schrze

beluga fashion time Nähset Schürze. Werde zum Fashion Designer und nähe zusammen mit der fashion time Nähmaschine deine ganz eigene Schürze.

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Details Undercover-VIAE2242-Fashion-Designer-Disney-Violetta-34-teilig

bestehend aus: 1 Fashion Stickerbogen, 1 Fashion Stickerbogen zum Ausmalen, 2 Schablonen, 24 Fashion Ausmalvorlagen, 6 Bˆgen mit 12 Musterdesigns, Modell 2016 (VIAE2242)

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Details Undercover-FRQA2242-Fashion-Designer-Disney-Frozen-34-teilig

bestehend aus: 1 Fashion Stickerbogen, 1 Fashion Stickerbogen zum Ausmalen, 2 Schablonen, 24 Fashion Ausmalvorlagen, 6 Bˆgen mit 12 Musterdesigns, Modell 2016 (FRQA2242)

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Details Fashion-Today

Fashion Today From Dior's New Look to Belgian deconstructionism, and British eclecticism, fashion since 1947 has gone through an array of changes, Each chapter of this book deals with a particular aspect of fashion obsession, from elegance to ...

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Details Undercover-MMKO2242-Fashion-Designer-Mia-and-Me-34-teilig

bestehend aus: 1 Fashion Stickerbogen, 1 Fashion Stickerbogen zum Ausmalen, 2 Schablonen, 24 Fashion Ausmalvorlagen, 6 Bˆgen mit 12 Musterdesigns, Modell 2016 (MMKO2242)

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Details 59-Authentic-Turn-Of-The-Century-Fashion-Patterns-Dover-Fashion-and-Costumes

56 Authentic Turn-of-the-century Fashion Patterns Over 575 illustrations detail 59 different garments that first appeared in the 1880s in issues of the quarterly "The Voice of Fashion." Most of the patterns are for women, but there is a selection for ...

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Details Reifen-Markt-Kaffeetasse-Street-Fashion-Fashion-Love-Beauty-People-NYC-Clothing-Girl-New-York-Wedding-Event-USA-Paris-Nail-Luxury-Casual-Lifestyle-Street-Fashion-Ke

Tolle Kaffee Tasse ... der Druck wird im Gel-Druck Verfahren hergestellt .... wir plazieren das Motiv so groß wie möglich auf die Tasse

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Details Sophies-Freunde-Fashion-World-3D

Die Spieler können zwischen drei Karrieren wählen, um in der Fashion-Welt Berühmtheit zu erlangen. Zur Auswahl stehen der trendige Designer, der die neueste Mode kreiert und Fashion-Events organisiert, das glamouröse Topmodel, das zu Fashion-Shows und ...

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Details Fashion-Design-Course

Fashion Design Course A widely recognized fashion design teacher presents a series of step-by-step tutorials and exercises, and offers students extensive advice on how to prepare for a successful career in the glamorous fashion design industry.